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The voice and verve of the 30’s and 40’s swing band singer has found rebirth in the guise of LEE STEVENS. Her knowledgeable delivery of the sound and feel of those times are vocals that compliment every tune.


A one of a kind artist, with an appreciation for the great music created during the golden big band and jazz/swing era, Lee Stevens continues to be called the ‘female Frank Sinatra”. Her vocal talents being compared to, Ela Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Sarah Vaughn and many more great singers.


A native of Chicago, Lee brings her ‘gift’ of vocal talent to many of the clubs in the area. Lee has managed to capture the nostalgia of the past with her unique vocal styling. Ms. Stevens is a “vowel” singer, (a vocalist who emphasizes vowel enunciation when singing) with a smooth yet powerful voice that will bring you chills and leave you applauding for more!


The “LIVING A DREAM” CD album, contains many of the songs that were released during the golden era of jazz and swing. The edition of songs are also performed in Lee’s own unique style, with her rendition of ‘Moonlight in Vermont’, considered to be the definitive master. With the singing style of LEE STEVENS and the great musicians backing her vocals, the over all album should be a programmers choice, and would be recognizable by many generations of music audiences.



Selections in this album include greats such as: Can’t Get Out of this Mood, Lullaby of Birdland, Moonlight in Vermont, April in Paris, The Man I Love, It’s Alright With Me, More Than You Know, Whatever Lola Wants, What’s New, You Took Advantage of Me, Mean to Me, and Yesterdays.


Upon listening to this album, you may find that you are drifting a little bit back to the days when music was performed with a little more of a relaxing overtone. You may also be inspired by the way some of this material has been brought up to date by a very talented vocalist, with a great musical production behind her.  In either event, the result can only be pleasing to the ear. We are pleased to bring you the Talented and Lovely….. Lee Stevens.


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