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The voice and verve of the 30's and 40's swing band singer has found rebirth in the guise of LEE STEVENS. Her knowledgeable delivery of the sound and feel of those times are vocal desserts that compliment every tune . She clearly causes and occurrence of deja vous in the minds of her audience.

For more that thirty years, Lee has been involved with music in one form or another. At age 11, appearing on the Morris B. Sachs Amateur Hour, and performing in numerous stage productions for church benefits and school functions since age four. Lee also performed at the Embassy Ballroom in Chicago as part of a four-girl teen singing group.

After marrying at age 17, Lee continued to sing for many church weddings and private parties. Her five children were always included in home musical performances, each shining in their own talents as singers, dancers, drummers, and choreographers.

For years she did not sing, being involved in owning and managing several businesses. Finally, after many prayers and intense deliberation, she began to pursue her singing career full time.

Now Lee Stevens brings her "gift" of vocal talents to area nightclubs. She performs a variety of Sinatra favorites, standards, jazz, swing and top 40 hits. Her unique vocal style is that of a "vowel" singer (a vocalist emphasizing vowel enunciation's).

Lee Stevens has a smooth yet powerful voice that will bring you chills and leave you applauding and asking for more. Telling her story of how she waited thirty years to sing publicly, a fan asked her "Why did you make us wait so long?"

In her words "I am living my dream. I always visualized a singing career, and now it has happened.

We invite you to listen to the smooth and unique vocal stylings of ………………………


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